Wednesday, May 29, 2013

9 tourist attractions should visit when travelling in Hoi An

Hoi An town belong to Quang Nam province; It is located on the Northern bank of the Thu Bon river, 30km South East of Da Nang city; At present, it comprises 8 wards, 4 inland communes and 1 island commune...
In this article I introduce you some of most popular attractions in Hoi An.

# 1. The Bridge Pagoda (Also Called: Lai Vien Kieu And Japan Bridge)

The Bridge Pagoda in Hoi An
The bridge is situated to the West of Hoi An acient street zone connecting Tran Phu road with Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. The name “Lai Vien Kieu” has named by Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu in 1719. It was also named the Japan Bridge because it is said that the Japanese community residing in Hoi An built the bridge in the late 16th century through to the early 17th century. Thi work consists of 2 parts: the bridge and the pagoda. In reality, the pagoda is a small temple made of wood and built nearby. The bridge includes 7 sections, it is 18m long and 3m wide. The bridge floor is made of combined wood pieces with a tiled foof. One end of the bridge has 2 monkeys carrying peaches as a sumbol of good luck, another end has 2 dogs sitting and watching, the 2 couples are the male and females monkeys and dogs, they are the deities protection the land as the pair of verse lines describes: “The two heavenly deities, Heavenly dogs, protect the peace for Can land” (the two statues, the Heavenly Monkeys, hold the happiness for Khon air).
Now The Bridge Pagoda is chosen as a logo, a symbol of Hoi An ancient town.

# 2. Fujian Assembly Hall (Hoi Quan Phuc Kien)

Hoi Quan Phuc Kien in Hoi An
Fujian Assembly Hall was established in 1697 by the overseas Chinese of Fujian country. Thien hau Thanh Mau (the Heavenly Mother) is worshipped at the main  sanctuary of the house. The deity is believed to be an embodiment of “Quan The Am Bo Tat” (The Godness of Mercy) and help traders sail safely through hurricanes in the Oceans. Luc Tanh Vuong Gia are worshipped in the middle of the rear sanctuary, they are believed to be the six deities of Fujian who always help Fujian residents. The 12 Ba Mu (Godness who protect babies) are worshipped on the left, Tai deity (the God of Wealthy) is worshipped on the right. People come here to pray forr wealth and having children.
Address: No 46 Tran Phu street

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